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the new hedonists
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impressionism in france.

the dadaist revolution.

pop art.



we are their reinvention evolution recreation
we are painters, poets, authors, sculptors, musicians...
we are all exquisite things

we follow in a long chain
we are the new hedonists.

a community for those of us who are tired with the "work hard for a non-existent future" concept. instant gratification is key....and we achieve this through our works of art in all of their perfection and imperfection.

we are here to share, to learn, to adore........
above all, we are here because we prize the pursuit of pleasure and happiness and want to achieve it through the mutual sharing of our visual-audio-tactile-???

post paintings, poems, audio ventures, recipes, prose, writing, poetry, sketches, photos, junk art, collage, found art.........anything you find beautiful that will bring us enjoyment (hedonism not as primarily associated with the erotic....this is about happiness and indulgence rather than erotica)

the only people allowed to advertise things are those who do it in a sneaky way (ie you must post some art with your shameless promotion...take a class or two in advertising, most will say we are a visual species and i would like to indulge that aesthetic)

i am not going to be an intensive moderator, i am not going to make power-trip rules.....i am just going to say, that if you find yourself doing something that interferes with another person's happiness--
you obviously lost the point somewhere along the way.


any problems and you can contact me, fjordscape
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