Интим знакомства кузбассе

Dark beauty icons

I have created many livejournal icons of such things as science fiction characters, beautiful faces, nude pin-ups, political icons, and miscellaneous. Most of such icons are beautiful.

I have also featured various beautiful icons created by other icon-makers (many of them nature icons), to spread their work.

The icons that I have created are at:

The featured icons are at:

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Caroline M. Breece : "The Narrator Awaits" (2007)

Name: carolinembreece002.rar
Size: 80MB
The download link is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7P9CMZ6N

Michael G. Breece : "Collected Requiems For Innocence Lost" (2006)

Name: Michael G. Breece.rar
Size: 47MB
The download link is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AZCSWJ60

Caroline M. Breece : "glass is made of sand / angry concrete" (2006)

Name: Caroline M. Breece.rar
Size: 56MB
The download link is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QA3LI8KG

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i decorate our house in my mind
our small bed, with the tattered but soft quilt
your black sheets on
the peach and blue flowered mattress

next to it on the red bedside table:
my small mary mary quite contrary lamp
your dostoyevsky and my sylvia plath
a pack of cigarettes and a few inky pens

a woven rag carpet
your silly dress shoes and my flats
below my sheath and your jacket

the lace curtain hides the ugly life
outside the window
and the birds as well
but we can hear them in the morninig
calling calling

perhaps a bag of bird seed
to feed them from our palms
sits on the window sill
a few seeds scattered on the floor

the breakfast table covered with remnants
a crumb of toast and a juice cup
a smear of jam left on a knife
near by our little green tea set
and a tin of leaves

on the door a small white blessing
made of "pure cotton rag" paper
small black holes
to complete our happiness

oh, this could never be.
i miss you, i do i do.